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Paul Gibbs

Paul's ministry, Jesscott Music, is named after his children, Jessica and Scott. Paul has performed in the greater Glens Falls area since the '70s. He was a member of the popular local group "Sensation" from 1983 to 1995, and in "Travelin", another group popular in our area in the '70s. He started performing, writing and recording Christian music in 1994, and was also a member of the Christian duo "Touch Of Faith". Paul performs concerts at churches and other events and locations, bringing his music, and occasionally other Christian artists, to the stage! (By the way, Paul has been known to sing for apple pie!)

“I sing because the world needs Jesus” pretty much sums up the reason behind his music. Drawing on his experience of over 45 years in music, his smooth vocal style and simple yet moving melodies and arrangements reflects his love for the Lord and the gift he’s been given and desires to share with others.

He first picked up a guitar at about age 10, when he and a few friends wanted to be just like The Beach Boys. “I still remember my first guitar”, he recalls. “It was all plastic, with nylon strings, and I couldn’t play it at all. I wrote ‘Al’ on it because I wanted to be just like Al Jardine of The Beach Boys”. He learned to play the electric guitar by listening to an album called, “Play Guitar Like The Ventures”, and it was a little while later that the he and his friends formed their first real band. They learned a few Beatles and Monkees songs, and Paul remembers that he was chosen as the one to sing because “no one else would do it”. He played trumpet in Jr. and Sr. High School band, and in high school picked up the organ and piano.  Little did he know then that God was starting to train him to use his talents for Him.

But the story begins further back in time, when Gibbs was adopted by Christian parents at age 2. And so he received the precious opportunity to attend church and Sunday School, and at age 12 he gave his life to Jesus. He recalls, “We went to see Billy Graham in Boston. When he gave the invitation, I remember that at one moment I was sitting there and the next moment I was standing. I know it was the Holy Spirit calling me to stand up, and with tears in my eyes I made my way down to the stadium floor to give my life to Jesus. And though I strayed away from the Lord through the following years, I know He never took His hand away from me”.

Growing up an only child was hard, he recalls. It wasn’t until years later that he realized that he had a brother and sister, and that they were all taken away from their parents under extremely difficult conditions. His brother and sister were adopted separately, while Paul, the youngest at only 6 months old, was very sick and spent a long time in a hospital, and so couldn’t be adopted yet. He stills hopes that God will somehow connect him with the brother and sister he has never known. “Though I wasn’t consciously aware of it at the time, the feelings of being abandoned and alone went deep inside and affected me  a great deal”, he says. “Growing up, I was always trying to belong, yet couldn’t let anyone close to me for fear of being hurt.”

His mother’s death in 1975 from cancer when he was 19 only served to strengthen these feelings. And yet at the same time he tried desperately to find the love and security he needed, which resulted in several failed relationships in his teens and early 20’s.

In the early 90’s Gibbs gave up the secular music scene and started writing, recording and singing music for God. “It was a gradual, but definite, change”, he relates. “My faith in God was slowly but surely coming to the surface again, as God called me to use my music for Him. And at the same time, I’m learning that my security is in God, who will never leave us or forsake us.” He started Serenity Ministries, later combining the names of his children, Jessica and Scott, and changing the ministry to Jesscott Music Ministries.

His albums reflect his varied musical tastes, from rock, country rock, pop and easy listening. His musical influences range from the Beatles and BTO to the Bee Gees, and from Bobby Vinton to Barry Manilow. Throw in the Eagles, Doobie Brothers, Michael W. Smith, Chris Tomlin, and Paul Baloche and well, you get the idea. “I played everything from hard rock, country rock, disco and easy listening over the years”, he says. “So my Christian music has the same range of styles. I’d like to think that there’s something for everyone on each of the CDs I record”.

That seems to be true. Gibbs' 9th CD release, "Hymns Of Faith And Hope" (November '08) is a collection of 12 instrumental arrangements of traditional hymns. His 8th CD, “Now And Again” (March '08) ranges in style from the country rock sounds of “Over And Over Again” and “I Found A Friend” to the light acoustic sounds of “You’re Never Alone”. Fans of southern style gospel will enjoy his rousing arrangements of “Amazing Grace” and “One Size Fits All”, while his cover of “I Believe In Music” (Mac Davis) is similar to the original version. He says, “The last few CDs have more guitar in them than my early recordings. For some reason I kind of put the guitar away for a while and focused on playing the keyboards. Now my love for the guitar is coming back again, while I love playing keys, too.” That must have been God’s doing, because people are drawn to the Lord through Paul’s playing. A comment from a recent concert says, “...Paul has a unique talent for bringing the piano to life, filling the room with the warmth of the Holy Spirit…” Others have shared similar comments, noting that they have felt an anointing on his music.

Though he’s struggled at different times with which direction to go with his music ministry and how best to use it for the Lord, one thing remains clear – he wants to share his music with the world. “I know that God has had His hand on me, and my family, from the beginning. He’s the power behind anything good and worthwhile that I’ve accomplished. I can’t make it without Him, and I want the world to know that He’s the Way – the only Way. And we need Him now more than ever.” Paul’s songs, whether written by him or others, all contain the messages of hope, faith, and salvation that are found in Jesus.

God has opened doors for Paul to perform at churches from Maine to Florida, and he led worship at the National Biennial Convention for the ABC-USA churches in Denver, CO in 2005. Through the technology of TV, radio and the Internet, God has expanded his territory around the world. His song, “It’s Not Goodbye”, a song of comfort inspired by his mother’s passing, has been used in Christian hospice programs including one such program in Isle Of Man, Ireland. He has appeared on television in upstate NY and in Jamaica. For 11 years he also hosted “The Jesscott Music Hour”, a 60-minute Christian music radio program which aired on several Christian stations in upstate NY and was podcast on his website.

In 2015 he released a new CD, "My Praise, My Prayer", a collection of praise and prayer songs, and also recorded and released "Jesscott Praise Band", which he recorded with close friends Jack Aiken, and Dana Roy (who passed away in December 2015). He and his wife Brenda reside most of the time in the York, PA area, and also maintain a home in South Glens Falls, NY.

He revived his show, "The Jesscott Music Hour" early in 2016, producing a weekly webcast to again feature music from local and regional independent Christian Artists. His webcast, videos and music can be found at The ministry also has sites on YouTube and Facebook. For booking, contact 518-747-2348 or