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Get Out Of That Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone. Those two words bring out different emotions and reactions for me depending on what I’m going through at the time. There are times I like my comfort zone. It’s well, … comfortable.

Now booking for 2019 and beyond!

Hi friends! I'm now accepting bookings for 2019 and beyond! This video will tell you more about my ministry and how it may enhance your church service or event.


Exciting changes

Hey, guys, lots of new things happening here at Jesscott Music Ministries. Well, at least for a while that's what it will still be called. I'm happy and proud to be forming a new music venture called "NoteSpire Music LLC" with my friend Nate Miller, here in York PA. Scary. Exciting. Overwhelming. Awesome. Fun. And more!

God has brought so many great people into my life, and I am honored and grateful to be working with people like Nate, and many others including Ted Brennan, my former pastor and good friend in Campbell, NY. Ted and I have written many songs together over the past year or so, as the Lord gives Ted the words to poems, some of which become songs as He gives me the music. Ted and his wife Eleanor have become dear friends for my and my wife Brenda.

I won't go into all the details at this time, but I just want to thank God for all He is doing! May He be praised, and may people be drawn to Him to receive His love, forgiveness and grace. Until next time, take care of yourselves, and take care of each other!


A new CD for the band.....

About a week ago the guys and I started work on a our first ever CD project tpgether as a band. Now, Dana and I played in at least 3 secular bands over the years, including "Travelin'" and "Sensation", starting way back in the mid-70s. We played in bars, night clubs and for lots of wedding receptions and parties in the Glens Falls and Lake George area, but who would have ever thought back then that we'd be recording a Christian CD together now? Isn't God great? We never know where He will take us or how He will use us, but we can be sure that what He does in us and through us will be good. He's now using the gifts and talents that He developed in us back then to be a blessing to people (and each other) now.

I can't wait for this new CD to be done. As of now, (about Sept. 28) we're almost done recording the drum parts. We've rented space to use for a studio for a month in order to have space to set up and record Dana's drum parts and whatever other parts we can get done in that time. The we'll set the studio equipment back up in my house here at 17 Fairview Street, and Jack and I will record our vocal, keyboard and guitar parts. We hope to have it done and ready by Christmas, or shortly after the first of the year.

A reminder

A thought for today: May we always remember just enough of the darkness that it makes us thankful for the Light.

They that wait.....

Just thinking.....when I start thinking about my troubles, when the issues seem to take over my thoughts and life, if can just get my attention, my eyes, back on Jesus.......all the other stuff just seems to sink below me, and I rise above the storm. They that wait upon the Lord SHALL renew their strength.

Come Higher - the Denver Experience (repost from 2005)

Well, friends, I have been to the mountaintop, and I can tell you it’s a glorious experience! Denver, CO is “The Mile-High City”, and it is really something to behold. Located in the Rockies, with snow-capped mountains in view, it’s quite a place.

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